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RX400 main front aboveThe RX400 is a high quality radio link or rebroadcaster receiver suitable for supplying programme feeds to transmitters and for remote broadcasts. For STL use it can receive a stereo composite/multiplex signal generated at the studio (link transmitter) end or from another broadcast transmitter, requiring no additional equipment for stereo at the main transmitter site. Similarly RDS and other SCA equipment can be connected to the studio end.

The RX400 features:

  • Wide range of frequency options
  • Internal stereo decoder
  • “Hot standby” function
  • Multi-channel versions available
  • Specially optimised rebroadcast version
  • System Overview

    A completely new RF front end design using the latest semiconductor and filter components gives performance far exceeding that of conventional circuits, while upgrades to the IF stage, baseband filter and stereo decoder have further enhanced the outstanding audio performance.
    Slaved to an “off-air” reference, the RX400 can receive a stereo composite/multiplex signal generated at the studio, requiring no additional encoding equipment at the main transmitter site. The exceptionally flat frequency and phase responses to 100kHz enable RDS and SCA services to be conveyed without degradation.

  • Specifications

    RF Input
    50Ω N-type connector
    Frequency Range
    48MHz to 960MHz
    Audio Outputs
    Electronically balanced on male XLR
    Composite/MPX Output
    Unbalanced on BNC Socket
    Power Supply
    220-240V AC or 100-120V AC ­±10%
    Dimensions (Excluding Controls and Connectors)
    Dimensions (Including Controls and Connectors)
    Temperature Rang
    -20 to 45 C/0 to 110 F
    Humidity Range
    90% RH, non condensing


  • Spec Sheet
    User Manual

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