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S8600 FM Transmitter

S86001The S8600 Series of FM transmitters is an evolution of the highly modular architecture for which Eddystone Broadcast
transmitters are legendary. The use of 600/700W hot-pluggable Power Amplifier modules means that removal of amplifiers can
be carried out with minimal reduction in output power. The design additionally features hot-pluggable switched mode 2kW
power supplies which also provide ease of servicing.

  • Compact Amplifier and PSU Modules are replaceable on air
  • Fully compliant with ETS 300 384 specification for FM transmitters
  • Easily configured into a wide range of system architectures
  • Uses highly efficient SMPS power supplies with PF correction
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring facilities
  • Touchscreen LCD displays ensures easy local monitoring
  • Monitoring & Control

    The S8600 series of transmitters include SNMP for remote control and monitoring, which is supported by a built-in webserver. The modules provide Wi-Fi connectivity for local monitoring and control, but can also be connected using LAN via an Ethernet cable. The system is programmable to provide alarms/alerts via email, as well as the option to have alarms/alerts through SMS. The system can include external sensors, to monitor information such as voltage usage, output power, temperature and humidity. The systems offer local monitoring by way of the on-board touchscreen LCDs, that show the information on the amplifiers and overall system.


    The economical S8600 transmitter range is available in a full range of output powers from 1kW to 20kW. The series is completely modular, which means the common modules used throughout the range can be interchanged between various units of different sizes. Some of the common modules include the 600/700W hot pluggable amplifier module and the 2kW hot-pluggable power supply module. The advanced design not only makes the range of transmitters more compact, but also allows a high efficiency of the unit. The units are capable of supporting either single phase or 3-phase power options. The design does not require an IPA.

  • Specifications

    Specification subject to change

    Power Output
    1kW—20kW dependant on model
    Operating Frequency
    87.5 to 108 MHz with no tuning
    RF Output Load Impedance
    50 ohm unbalanced
    RF Output Connector
    1-2kW: 7-16 DIN
    3-4kW: 7/8” EIA
    5-10kW: 1 5/8” EIA
    20kW: 3 1/8” EIA
    Maximum VSWR
    Able to maintain full power at 1.5:1
    Mains Power Supply
    Single phase 176-264V
    Three phase 380-415V
    RF Harmonic Output
    Better than or equal to -79dBc
    Power Factor
    5ºC to +55ºC at an altitude up to 3000M
  • Spec Sheet


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