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E2075 – Broadcast Audio Fail & Changeover Unit

The E2075 is a transmitter or drive changeover unit capable of automatic and manual operation with both local and remote control. It has its own internal changeover relays with a maximum power handling capability of 200W at 100MHz. Controls for external changeover switches are also provided to enable switching of higher powers and frequencies.

On/off (mute) outputs and status monitoring inputs are provided for connection to the two transmitters/drives and to two receivers (in re-broadcast systems) to enable control to be effected.

A wide range of transmitter configurations can be controlled by the E2075. These include:

  • Tx1 or Tx2 to Antenna or Load
  • Tx1 or Tx2 to Antenna system only
  • Tx1 + Tx2 to Antenna systems or Load
  • Tx1 + Tx2 to Split Antenna system
  • System Overview

    Internal option switches are provided to enable selection of digital or analogue status monitoring of the two inputs generally used for the transmitter/drives status. If analogue is selected, the level at which the monitored equipment is considered ‘good’ can be set from the front panel. The polarities of input status, output controls, and the length of associated delays, can also be preset by internal option switches.

    One internal option switch allows the outputs of two transmitters (fed from the same drive) both to be connected to the antenna or load via an external witch/combiner unit or ‘switch-less combiner’ (‘Tx1+Tx2 to antenna systems’). Fully automatic control is maintained in this situation with all of the remaining transmitter’s power being directed to the antenna if one of the transmitters fails.

    The unit uses micro-controller based software control, utilising up-datable ‘flash’ memory. Comprehensive hardware/ software ‘watchdogs’ are incorporated which illuminate a front panel CPU ALARM led if a software fault occurs. This automatically switches off other front panel LED’s as their indications may be erroneous in this circumstance.

  • Specifications
    RF Interface Ports (internal) 50Ω nominal with four TNC Connectors for Tx1, Tx2, Antenna (output) and dummy load
    Power Level with Frequency 200W maximum up to 100MHz, de-rating to 100W maximum at 500MHz, using internal relays. External relays/switches fitted to meet system requirements.
    Controls Eight tactile momentary switches to select Operational Mode, Tx1/2 On/Off and Tx1/2 to Antenna or Load
    Remote Control and Monitoring Rear panel 25 way D socket for parallel control and monitoring of major functions and Status.
    Transmitter and Receiver Control and Monitoring of 2 associated receivers and Transmitters Connections provided are:
    Mute line for each transmitter/drive; Status line from each transmitter/receiver. The polarities of these inputs and outputs can be set internally.
    External Switch/Relay, Control and Monitoring Parallel control and monitoring connections are provided for external switches or relays
    Power Supply (AC) 85- 264V AC (universal input, switched mode, power supply)
    Ambient Temperature (operating) 0°C to +45°C
    Relative Humidity (operating) ≤90% RH, non condensing
    Altitude (operating) Up to 3000m a.s.l
    Dimensions 1U with 280mm intrusion into rack (including connectors)
    Weight Approx 3.5kg
    Warranty Limited 5 Years
    In line with our policy of continual development, we reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.
  • Spec Sheet
    Block Diagram
    User Manual

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